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Patti makes the editorial process look like a child jumping over a puddle — so seemingly effortless, and so much fun. Her organizational skills are massive, her attention to detail exacting and demanding, and her passion for the written word wonderfully intense. It’s this simple: If I had the opportunity to hire Patti as an editor again, I'd do it in a New York minute. Wait, make that half a New York minute — I'd hire her before someone else had the chance.

Monte Plott, CNN, news editor

WOW! If your piece on the Miró show doesn’t draw visitors, nothing will! I can’t thank you enough for the article — not only the exposure, which of course is important, but even more for the time you spent learning about Miró, even before you left for Spain, and reading the proofs of the catalogue text. I was really impressed that you would go to such lengths to get everything right — which you did.

Laura Coyle, Curator of European Art, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

You are the most well-rounded and experienced editor I know.

Robert Ross, Sr. Vice President, CurtCo. Media Labs, Malibu, Calif. [The Robb Report]

Patti Verbanas is one of the most organized and professional editorial managers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. We have collaborated over nearly two decades, and she never fails to impress me with her “take charge” demeanor. She has a terrific talent for turning chaos into order. If I ever were in the position where I could only choose one person to rely on in the editorial process, it would be Patti. She knows her stuff. She tells it like it is. And she is fair and honest to a fault. She is one of those rare people who keeps her head while everyone around her is losing theirs.

Glenn Emery, Writer, Copy Editor, TV Producer

I worked with Patti Verbanas for many years. She was always professional, efficient and dependable in everything she did. But, most importantly, she brought another dimension to her work and mine, often making it better — all while being unfailingly prompt. One could  count on her — not always the case in the understaffed, frenetic publishing world. It has been a joy to work with her — and to know her.

Barbara Milo Ohrbach, author of 22  lifestyle, antiques and travel books published by Random House

Patti’s article did indeed generate a lot of sales and they are still coming … a lot of galleries e-mailing and calling, along with interested collectors. I have made many contacts through your article. I estimate that 80% resulted in a sale.

Larry Morris, Sculptor, Alexandria, VA 

After paying top dollar to a professional resume service, I still wasn’t getting results. Patti made some very sensible and easy suggestions to give it the oomph it needed to get noticed. She cut through the unnecessary clutter and reworked the format to create a tailored resume that resulted in a drastic increase in interviews and eventual employment with a major university. She knows what employers are looking for, and more importantly, she knows how to speak their language.

Margo Lakin, New Hampshire

Of the hundred or so editors I have featured in my 12 years of producing Travel Classics Conference, Patti is one of the most popular. She has quite a following among editors and writers. I received many letters praising her talk and interaction with attendees. In producing the Travel Classics conference, I look for editors who are considerate and informative, and ones who above all work well with freelancers. Patti was all of these things. She certainly served our conference well.

Maren Rudolph, President, Travel Classics Writers Conference

Patti Verbanas was my editor for many years as I worked freelance from Paris, France. Never before have I had such a close relationship with an editor where every hyphen, comma and extraneous word was scrutinized and debated in real time. Patti’s choices in editorial content and her type-A management style with a smile are what writers dream about since many freelancers are far away from the home office. In this case, across the Atlantic. I always felt included and that my ideas were received with professionalism and enthusiasm. Patti is a gem.

Matthew Rose, Artist, Art Critic, Paris

We thought you captured son, John, beautifully … It is fun for us to see and read the finished product of an interview like yours.

Gerald McGinley, father of John C. McGinley (“Dr. Cox,” “Scrubs”)

Patti is one of the finest editors I know.  I have so appreciated her considerable talent, expertise and professionalism over the years. Add to that her refreshing warmth, and she is simply a joy to work with.

Dana Micucci, Author/Journalist, New York

Patti Verbanas is very sharp, delightful in social situations, and an excellent spokesperson.

Dale Leatherman, Board Member, Society of American Travel Writers

Your article has been the best promotion I ever had! I have sold 6 paintings in one week.

Anamario Hernandez, painter, Washington, D.C.

Patti Verbanas is one of the most efficient and professional magazine editors I’ve worked with. She responds promptly, tells you exactly what she wants, and helps you achieve that.

Margie Goldsmith, member Society of American Travel Writers, American Society of Journalists & Authors, Writer’s Guild

As a freelance writer I have worked happily with Patti Verbanas for many years at several publications. She is an insightful editor who always asks the right questions, stimulates the writer’s curiosity, pays great attention to accuracy, and provides very helpful feedback. Patti is a thorough professional and a delightful person to work with and for.

Roberta Maneker, writer, New York

Patti saw to every detail prior to my article appearing in print in Art & Antiques. Only an author can comprehend and appreciate the time necessary for such scanning and checking, for skillfully fitting type and photos. She accomplished it all.

Bennard B. Perlman, art critic, Baltimore

Patti Verbanas brings a flawless editorial eye and great enthusiasm to every project she takes on. Her sense of story, structure, and her ability to make dream projects work is astounding.

Edward Readicker-Henderson, author, Seattle

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